Were you ready for this one

A common misconception about acne treatment is that switching products will lead to a quicker cure. However, using different products often leads to more breakouts and an increased chance of developing side effects.

You might be tempted to switch to a new acne product every few days, especially when you see the improvements it is creating. But it will not work as effectively. The best approach for treating acne is sticking to one product or routine and following the directions until clear skin is reached.

People who have acne might want to consider adding a second acne product to their treatment plan if they don’t see an improvement after 4 to 6 weeks.

The more you wash your skin, the drier it will get. More washing also causes the sebum to increase, which is linked to oily skin. It’s important to maintain a healthy balance of cleanliness and hygiene.

Some may think that acne-prone skin can be washed out at any time – even after exercise. But over-washing or using harsh products on your face can cause irritation and worsen breakouts. Acne-prone skin has soft tissue, so excessive washing could potentially make it fragile and sore.

Stop scrubbing

Scrubs remove the top layer of skin along with all the dirt, oil and other debris that has built up on it. This is why they don’t typically work well on acne-prone skins. Acne-prone skin is sensitive and can be easily irritated by harsh exfoliants.